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People and Relationship Issues in Management (PRIMa)
  • Objectives and Description

  • This investigation was carried out in Germany as part of an international survey encompassing a total of 20 European countries, Japan, the USA and some countries of South East Asia. Its main aim was to gather together attitudes and values prevailing in family businesses as regards everyday topics dealing with “The Family and the Company” and then to compare the findings at an international level. It was intended that the results could provide companies, founders, consultants and scientists with information on how to avoid conflict situations.

    The international co-ordination of the project was carried out by “The Management School, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine“, London (GB). Participants included the Vlerick Management School (Belgium), Babson College (USA), the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (NL), Tama University (Japan), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) and the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). The sponsor was Grant Thornton.

  • Collaborators

  • Sue Birley (Imperial College), Heinz Klandt (ebs), Dirk Daniels (bifego), Erdme Brüning (bifego), Ludger Schiemann (bifego)

  • Duration of the Project

  • 1998 - November 1999

  • Resulting publications

  • Grant Thornton (Hrsg.):
    PRIMA International Research Report, o.O. o.J.

    Erdme Brüning, Ludger Schiemann:
    PRIMA People and Relationship Issues in Management. Familienunternehmen in Deutschland.

    Dirk Daniels: Nachfolgesituationen in mittelständischen Familienunternehmungen – unter besonderer Berücksichtigung psychologischer und sozialer Aspekte, Vortrag an der Universität Bielefeld am 06.11.98, Tagungsband, Herausgeber Transferstelle der Universität Bielefeld, 1999.

    Sue Birley: Owner Manager attitudes to family and business issues: A 16 country study, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, October 2001.

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